Saturday, 09 May 2015 07:49

And so it comes to an end

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, I've decided that I will be stopping broadcasting NetSafeHouse Radio. I have not been having enough time to spend on it which resulted in fewer live broadcasts by me and very little updates to the music being played on it. This I feel is not fair to all the listeners that just keep getting the same tracks over and over again.

NetSafeHouse Radio has been running since 2006 (that's 9 years!) and honestly I'm really sad that it's going away, I have had a lot of fun broadcasting it as well as talking to all you listeners that contacted me. Perhaps in the future if I feel re-inspired to put out the Metal I adore to everyone I might restart this project!

As for the website, I will keep running it but only as a blog for now. Perhaps if a future project inspires me I'll be inclined to run it under NetSafeHouse but that's for the future to decide.

To all my listeners, I want to thank you for giving me and my radio your support for so many years. I will miss you all and do hope you keep in touch.

And as always, keep those horns up \m/